Our school

Cobbitty Public School, established in 1882, is situated in the village of Cobbitty on Sydney's south-west outskirts. The school is valued by the community and is a focal point for families across the district.
Cobbitty Public School is committed to providing comprehensive quality learning opportunities for all students in a positive, safe and supportive environment.
Literacy and numeracy programs continue to provide the foundation of the school's curriculum and are supported by a diversity of programs and extra-curricula activities to meet individual student needs.
Recent achievements in Performing Arts include the dance group's selection in the School Spectacular, Inter-district and State Dance Festivals and participation by the school's Band and Choir at district festivals and events.
The school also has a proud history of achievement in Sport with success in PSSA competitions, state knockouts and zone athletics, cross-country and swimming.
The Student Representative Council was responsible for the selection of the school motto "Learn, Grow and Succeed Together", something all students are proud of.